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Ramesh Chats Jayanagar Peanut Butter Nippattu review

In the center of Jayanagar, Bangalore, there is a special place called Ramesh Chats. It has been serving delicious food for twenty years. Yesterday evening, as the sky turned colourful, we felt like trying their famous dry chats. When we got there, we immediately smelled the delicious spices in the air, and we knew our food journey was about to start.

Our experience at Ramesh Chats

Among all the choices available, there was one dish that caught our attention. It was the Peanut Butter Nippattu Masala. Curious about its uncommon combination of flavors, we couldn’t wait to try it. As soon as we took the first bite, we felt like we were whisked away to a world where salty and tangy flavors blended. They were enhanced by the delightful richness of peanut butter. It was a delightful explosion of tastes. It left me feeling satisfied and eager for extra.

Peanut Butter Nippattu Masala

The Peanut Butter Nippattu Masala at Ramesh Chats was a testament to their dedication to creativity. They crafted every aspect of the dish. Crunchy nippattu and tangy katta mitta chutney created a daring and intricate flavour combination. Topped with plenty of peanuts, every bite had a satisfying crunch. It made the food experience even better.

What sets Ramesh Chats apart is their bold approach to food. For the past twenty years, they’ve been pushing the boundaries of traditional street food. They surprise customers with daring flavour combinations. The Peanut Butter Nippattu Masala is a prime example of their culinary skills. It demonstrates their commitment to excellence and creativity.

At 40₹, the Peanut Butter Nippattu Masala is not only a delight for your taste buds but also easy on the wallet. Whether you’re a food enthusiast or curious to try something new, Ramesh Chats welcomes everyone with open arms. He invites you to explore the delights of dry chats.

Overall experience at Ramesh Chats

For those ones ready to dive into a culinary journey, Ramesh Chats is ready to welcome you. From 5 pm to 10 pm, their doors are open, inviting visitors to savor a sensory feast. Even as the busy streets of Jayanagar quiet down at night, the flavors of Ramesh Chats continue to linger. They entice those who are seeking out unique culinary experiences.

If you’re yearning for something unique, make a beeline for Ramesh Chats. It’s located in Jayanagar 2nd Block. Agree with us—you won’t be disappointed.

Timings: 5 pm to 10 pm, Sunday Holiday

Ramesh Chats location

139, 5th Cross Rd, 2nd Block, Jaya Nagar East, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560011.


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