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Sri Venkateshwara Jolada Roti review

It’s in the center of Basavanagudi in Bangalore. It’s a special place loved by both locals and visitors: Sri Venkateshwara Jolada Roti Mane. When you walk in, you’re greeted by the delicious smells of North Karnataka food. They invite anyone who loves real, filling meals.

Our experience at Sri Venkateshwara Jolada Roti Mane

Our food adventure began with excitement as we waited in the busy crowd. Even though it was bustling, the friendly hospitality welcomed us. It made the perfect atmosphere for a memorable meal. As its name suggests, Sri Venkateshwara Jolada Roti Mane is famous for its Corn Roti (Jolada Rotti). The dish stands out as a specialty. As we sat down, we admired the skilled women. They made each roti with careful precision, adding a traditional and loving touch.

Corn Roti and Kalu Palya

The menu featured many delicious options. It highlighted the flavorful food traditions of North Karnataka. There are choices like Roti Meals and Chapathi Meals. Each dish has a delightful blend of flavours to enjoy. The recommendations intrigued us. We decided on the Corn Roti (Jolada Rotti). We were excited to taste its renowned flavor.

With every bite, we felt transported to North Karnataka. We savored the flavors of the Corn Roti, Kalu Palya, and Brinjal Fry (Enagaayi Palya). The skilled women in the kitchen prepared with care. You could taste their work in every bite. Each dish had a bit of love and tradition. It was served alongside curd, chutney, and chili nut bajji. The meal was a delightful mix of flavours. Each element complemented the others perfectly. The Corn Roti was especially noteworthy. Its rustic texture blended well with the rich flavors of the other dishes.

Overall experience at  Sri Venkateshwara Jolada Roti Mane

With every bite, we felt content. We realized that I had found a culinary gem in Basavanagudi. Sri Venkateshwara Jolada Roti Mane isn’t just a restaurant. It’s a tribute to tradition, flavour, and the lively cooking legacy of North Karnataka. If you want more than just food and a real adventure, we suggest trying Sri Venkateshwara Jolada Roti Mane. Are you an experienced food lover or just curious about new flavours? This delightful restaurant offers a unique culinary journey. When you’re in Basavanagudi, follow this suggestion. Embark on a food adventure that will delight you.

Sri Venkateshwara Jolada Roti Mane location

26, 8th Cross Rd,DVG, Police Station Rd, opposite to maharashtra bank, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560004


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