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Kodachadri Outlet Store in Malleshwaram review

It’s hidden in the busy streets of Malleshwaram, Bangalore. There’s a special place called Kodachadri Outlet Store. When you walk in, you’re greeted by the amazing smell of pure A2 cow ghee being made right there. It’s not just a regular store. It’s a place that celebrates tradition, real flavours, and the joy of enjoying great food.

Our experience at Desi Cow Ghee Making outlet store Kodachadri in Malleshwaram.

We stepped into this dairy paradise. We were greeted by skilled artisans churning butter. The butter came from nearby farmers in Hassan, Shimoga, and Chikmagalur. Their dedication to perfection was clear in every action. They showed deep respect for the timeless tradition of making ghee.

Desi Cow Ghee making process at Kodachadri outlet store

The process at Kodachadri is remarkable. They pour 100 kilograms of butter into the ghee-maker with captivating craftsmanship. This act initiates a mesmerising transformation. The butter swirls and churns. It warms and becomes a golden elixir. The air fills with a charming aroma. It tempts the senses with its irresistible fragrance.

Kodachadri is unique. It’s not just the mesmerising ghee production. It’s their unwavering focus on hygiene and transparency. The butter melts and bubbles. They put betel leaves in it. This adds a subtle yet unforgettable flavour to the ghee. Every step is carried out , prioritising cleanliness above all else. This dedication says a lot. It shows their commitment to delivering top-quality and pure products.

Kodachadri Outlet Store: World’s first fresh dairy hub

But the journey doesn’t stop there. The ghee is fresh. It goes through a strict filter process. This ensures that each drop is pure and free of impurities. They use a delicate cloth to cleanse the ghee. They remove any remnants. This process creates a liquid gold that is sheer perfection.

As we watched the final product being bottled, our excitement peaked. We were eager to taste this divine elixir. Kodachadri ghee comes in a range of sizes, from a modest 225 ml to larger bulk quantities. It caters to ghee enthusiasts, letting them enjoy its richness. For those outside Bengaluru, home delivery makes sure that Kodachadri’s magic can be enjoyed from afar.

Overall experience at Kodachadri Dairy Hub

A Visit to Kodachadri isn’t just about exploring food. It’s a journey back to a time when skill and purity were key. It’s a place where tradition meets innovation. Each drop of ghee tells a tale of dedication and flawlessness. If you yearn for the unmatched flavour of pure desi ghee, Kodachadri is your destination. There, tradition and excellence meet.

Kodachadri Outlet Store contact information

Address: No. 1789/B, 1st Temple Street Near Kadumalleshwara Temple, Malleshwaram Bengaluru – 560003

Phone: 9448688121, 9449878121

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