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Sri Bhagyalakshmi Butter and Gulkand Store Malleshwaram review

It’s in the middle of Malleshwaram, Bangalore. There’s a great dessert place there called Sri Bhagyalakshmi Butter and Gulkand Store. It’s hidden away but so worth finding if you love desserts. Just go down Venkata Ranga Iyengar Road, and you’ll find it. It’s a small and cozy shop that’s perfect for anyone who loves sweets.

Our Experience At Sri Bhagyalakshmi Butter and Gulkand Store

Today, We went on a food adventure to this amazing place because I heard they have a famous Indian treat called Gulkand. When we walked in, we smelled the delicious food being made. The cozy atmosphere made us want to check out everything they had.

As we looked at the menu, we saw so many tasty choices like fruit salads, dry fruits, and even ice cream. Each one sounded like it would be a burst of different flavors in my mouth. But what caught our eye was the famous Gulkand, a special mix known for being sweet and rich at the same time.

Exploring Malleshwaram’s Dessert Haven

Excited to try this famous treat, we ordered it and couldn’t wait for it to arrive. It was a pleasant surprise when it finally came. We got a serving of Gulkand topped with a big scoop of butter. It came with a soft bun and slices of ripe banana.

With every bite, it felt like we were in food heaven. The smooth butter mixed with the sweet Gulkand. It made an amazing blend of flavors in our mouth. Adding the fresh banana made it fresher. It made the whole experience better.

What amazed us about this treat was how simple it looked, but every part of it was made so well. Even though it seemed basic, everything was done perfectly. It was more than just a dessert. It was like a work of art in food form. As we enjoyed every bite, we realized how much effort must have gone into making this treat so delicious. It showed us that Sri Bhagyalakshmi Butter and Gulkand Store isn’t just a place to get tasty food. It’s also a showcase of how skilled people are at making Indian desserts.

Overall Experience At Sri Bhagyalakshmi Butter and Gulkand Store

For anyone excited to try their own food adventure, Sri Bhagyalakshmi Butter and Gulkand Store is open from 10 am to 9 pm. They welcome everyone who wants to enjoy the best desserts Malleshwaram has. So, why not come in and treat yourself to some traditional sweetness at this lovely dessert spot?

Sri Bhagyalakshmi Butter and Gulkand Store contact information:

47/1, Venkata Ranga Iyengar Rd, Malleswaram, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560003


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