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Kholi Mane Restaurant Biryani review

Kholi Mane Restaurant is in the middle of Basavanagudi, Bengaluru. It’s a special place. It’s hidden but loved by food fans. It’s on 2nd Main Road. This small restaurant has delicious food that will make anyone’s taste buds happy. When you walk into Kholi Mane Restaurant, you feel a warm and friendly atmosphere all around. The decoration is simple, without any fancy additions. But what makes this place special is that they focus on serving tasty food at affordable prices.

Our experience at Kholi Mane Restaurant

As we looked at the menu, we couldn’t help but get excited. The menu had a wide variety of food choices. They had everything from Mughlai and North Indian dishes. They also had delicious Biryani, tasty seafood, and even Chinese food. Kholi Mane Restaurant offered a dining experience that was unique and diverse.

Biryani at Kholi Mane

We decided to try their famous Biryani, so we ordered it . We were thrilled when the hot pot of Biryani arrived quickly at our table. With excitement, we lifted the lid. Immediately, a mix of delicious smells filled the air. They made us even hungrier for the meal ahead. Every grain of rice was full of the rich aroma of carefully mixed spices. The chicken pieces were tender and inviting. With every bite, we felt like we were going on a food journey. It went beyond satisfying hunger. It took us to a place of pure joy.

We loved the Kholi Mane Special Chicken and Malai Tikka. We also liked the Chicken Lollipop, Chicken Hyderabadi, Paneer Fried Rice, and Egg Biryani. These dishes stood out during our meal. It was clear that the chefs put a lot of effort and talent into creating them. The flavors in each dish complemented each other perfectly. They made every bite a delight for our taste buds.

With every bite, we felt happy  and satisfied. We were grateful for the chance to enjoy such delicious food. Being with friends and loved ones made the experience even better. We shared laughter and talked freely at the table. We enjoyed the food. We couldn’t help but admire the simplicity and genuineness of Kholi Mane Restaurant. It lacks fancy decorations or a luxurious feel. But, it wins us over with its delicious food and friendly vibe.

Overall experience at Kholi Mane

In summary, our time at Kholi Mane Restaurant was exceptional. We were treated to a dining adventure from the moment we stepped inside until the last bite of our meal. We’ll always remember it. The restaurant left a lasting impression. It was due to the delightful flavors and the warm atmosphere. Both the food and the ambience were delightful. For anyone looking for cheap and tasty food, Kholi Mane Restaurant is a must-visit spot in Basavanagudi.

Kholi Mane Restaurant location

144/1/1, 2nd Main Rd, 2nd Block, Thyagaraja Nagar, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560028


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