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Bhagyalakshmi Butter Gulkand: Best Dessert Shop In Malleswaram

When you explore Bengaluru’s food scene, you can find hidden gems. One example is the Bhagyalakshmi Butter Gulkand store in Malleswaram. This shop opened in 1950 and still holds its old-time charm. Though small, it’s clean and charming, perfect for anyone who loves desserts.

The menu has many delicious choices. They all have gulkand, a sweet jam made from rose petals, and butter. There’s butter gulkand with banana. Or, the fancier kind has vanilla ice cream. We wanted something cool and creamy. So, we chose the classic butter gulkand with vanilla ice cream.

Our Experience At Bhagyalakshmi Butter Gulkand

When our order came, we got a big portion of this wonderful mix. It was presented well and looked very inviting. We tried it, and right away, we felt happy. The creamy vanilla ice cream mixed well with the flavorful gulkand. It made a delicious combo that tasted amazing. Every bite was a surprise, with the sweet gulkand balancing out the rich ice cream just right.

Butter Gulkand with Vanilla Ice Cream

What made this dessert really special was how fresh and high-quality it was. The gulkand was carefully chosen. It gave the dish a real flavor. The butter made it rich and tempting. Even though it only cost 50 rupees, every part of this dessert showed skill and care in making it.

You must visit Bhagyalakshmi Butter Gulkand store. It’s not just for the delicious flavors, but for the whole experience. The fast and effective service means you won’t have to wait long to satisfy your sweet tooth. Plus, the prices are low. So, it’s no wonder this simple shop is a favorite among dessert fans.

Overall experience at Bhagyalakshmi Butter Gulkand Store

We left the Bhagyalakshmi Butter Gulkand store with happy hearts and full stomachs. We couldn’t help but think about how much joy a simple dessert can bring. It’s a great place to cool off in the summer. Or, maybe you just want a tasty snack. Either way, this lovely place is sure to make you happy. So, if you’re ever in Malleswaram, be sure to stop by Bhagyalakshmi Butter Gulkand store. You can discover the magic for yourself.

Bhagyalakshmi Butter Gulkand Store contact address :

95, Harikrishna building , 3rd cross, Landmark, Sampige Rd, next to pie mobiles, Malleshwara, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560003


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