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Cool Corner Rava Dosa and Filter Coffee review

Take a tasty journey through the busy streets of Basavanagudi, Bangalore. You can’t miss the delicious smells from Cool Corner. It’s a popular fast food spot in the middle of the neighborhood. Cool Corner is known for being affordable but still serving high-quality food. It’s a favorite spot for college students. Its prices are low, making it a go-to place for anyone who wants a good meal without spending too much. Today, we got to enjoy a classic South Indian treat. It was the famous rava dosa. We ate it in the lively atmosphere of this great place to eat.

Our experience at Cool Corner Fast food restaurant

Venturing into Cool Corner, you are greeted by a variety of breakfast delights. They beckon with promises of great food. The crispy masala dosa is a star attraction. It is a symphony of flavors inside a golden-brown shell. The fluffy sandwiches are another star. They offer a savory break for the palate. Cool Corner’s menu has a wide range of tasty treats. It includes refreshing juices, creamy milkshakes, tempting ice creams, and zesty chutneys. Every item is prepared to deliver a delightful burst of flavors with each bite or sip.

Rava Dosa and Filter Coffee

Choosing the famous rava dosa, we experienced a culinary delight. The dosa was soft yet satisfying, wrapping me in comfort. The spicy chutney that came with it added an extra kick. It blended perfectly with the dosa’s flavors. Cool Corner’s rava dosa being considered one of the best around comes as no surprise.

No visit to Cool Corner is complete without trying their famous filter coffee. The aroma arrived at our table. It was freshly brewed coffee. It surrounded me and hinted at the delight ahead. The drink had a perfect mix of strong coffee and frothy milk. Each sip was a delightful surprise. It left us wanting more.

For fans of fast food, Cool Corner is like a haven of delicious treats. Even though there are no places to sit, the amazing flavors and great service make it a spot. You’ll want to return. They serve tasty dosas and filling sandwiches. Everything they serve shows their skill.

Overall experience at Cool Corner Basavanagudi

In summary, Cool Corner goes beyond just being a fast food place. It’s like a paradise for food lovers, where you can experience amazing flavors and dishes. Do you like South Indian food? Or, do you love filter coffee? A trip to Cool Corner guarantees a memorable adventure in food. You’ll remember it long after you’ve finished your meal.

Cool Corner location

No.1/10, Kr Road, Basavanagudi, Bangalore


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