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Iyer Mess : Best Vegetarian Meal Hotel In Malleshwaram

In the busy streets of Malleshwara, Bengaluru, there’s a special restaurant called Iyer Mess. When we entered this cozy South Indian eatery, we could tell right away that we were in for a tasty meal. Locals and tourists both love it.

Our best meal experience at Iyer Mess

We arrived at the restaurant at the busiest time for lunch. It was bustling with customers. This showed its continued popularity among both locals and visitors. It was crowded. But, we got a friendly welcome and were seated after a short 15-minute wait. We were excited to enjoy the delicious food ahead.

Iyer Mess Best Vegetarian Hotel Malleshwaram

We chose their famous special meal. It was affordable at 100 rupees. We indulged in a feast that felt like dining with royalty. The food was presented in the traditional style on banana leaves. Each dish radiated authenticity and skillful prep. Our taste buds were first treated to Puran Poli (holige). It’s a classic treat known for its rich, fulfilling texture. Its flavors danced on our tongues. They prepared us for the delightful culinary adventure to come.

>> Iyer Mess is one the top vegetarian restaurants in Bengaluru

Then, a mix of great tastes filled our banana leaf. It had the delicious cabbage playa. It also had refreshing yogurt and a sweet dessert. The meal had crispy papadams, filling uppittu, and hot rice. Each part was made carefully. Each bite was a delightful surprise. It showed off the incredible cooking skills. The restaurant developed them over its impressive 61-year journey. Despite the low cost, Iyer Mess provided ample servings. They left us completely satisfied and happy.

Overall experience at Iyer Mess

In short, dining at Iyer Mess isn’t just about eating. It’s like time travel, experiencing the best of South Indian food. If you’re ever in Malleswaram, be sure to treat yourself to the iconic restaurant’s incredible food.

Iyer Mess contact information :

Iyer Mess No. 4/3, West Park Road Between 7th and 8th Cross, Malleswaram, Bangalore, Karnataka 560003

>> Iyer Mess is one of the top vegetarian restaurants in Bengaluru

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