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Parota Point Malleshwaram review

Tucked away in the busy streets of Malleshwaram in Bengaluru is a special place called Parota Point. Locals and food lovers love it. Today, we went on a food adventure to this famous spot. It’s been popular since it started in 1998 for its delicious Parottas and tasty curries.

The Parotta experience: best Parotta in Malleshwaram

We walked into Parota Point. The smell of freshly made Parottas filled the air. It made me excited for a great meal. Many people love this cozy restaurant. They make each Parotta carefully and with traditional methods, which makes them special.

The menu had many delicious options, but the Parotta was definitely the best. Other places use pre-made Parottas. But, Parota Point makes theirs by hand with high-quality maida flour. This makes their Parottas fluffy and tasty. One interesting dish grabbed our attention. It was the Palak Parotta. It combines the richness of spinach with the beloved Parotta. It’s only Rs 50, and we were excited to try it because it sounded like it would be delicious and flavorful.

Our food journey started with a classic Normal Parotta. It only cost Rs 45, showing that great food doesn’t have to be expensive. The Parotta had many layers. It looked really good, promising a delicious experience. The Parotta had fragrant Korma and chutney on the side. Every bite took us to a place of unmatched satisfaction. And the Chana Masala served with it added even more flavour, making the meal even better.

Value beyond price: Rs 45 per parotta

We were unsure about the price at first. But, we saw that the quality we got was worth more than what we paid. Each Parotta wasn’t just food. It was like a perfect blend of flavors and textures. We felt completely satisfied after one serving.

We couldn’t stop admiring the amazing cooking skills they have in that small place as we said goodbye to Parota Point. They’re open from 7 am till 9 pm, welcoming food lovers from all over to taste the magic of their Parottas.

Overall experience at Parota Point: a must-visit destination

To wrap it up, if you’re ever in the lively area of Malleshwaram, you have to go to Parota Point. Get ready for a unique food adventure. Each Parotta shares a tale of passion, tradition, and amazing flavor.

Parota Point Location: 18th Cross Rd, Malleshwaram, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560003


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