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Sri Mukhambika Sweets and Khara Corner Malleshwaram Review

It’s in the middle of Malleshwaram, Bangalore. It’s a special place for foodies called Sri Mukhambika Sweets and Khara Corner. It’s been around since 1937, so it’s got a long history of making delicious treats that people love. Whether you’re from around here or just visiting, you’ll find something to enjoy at this cozy sweet shop. As soon as you walk into this cute little place, you’re hit with the amazing smell of freshly made goodies. Today, We decided to try their famous Masala Idli, a dish that everyone’s been talking about.

Our experience at Sri Mukhambika Sweets and Khara Corner

The friendly staff told me that their Masala Idli is a bit different from the usual. Instead of the usual rava idli, Sri Mukhambika makes theirs with rice. They start by soaking the rice overnight and adding their special mix of spices and masalas. And the best part? It’s only 10 rupees per idli, and each plate has enough for two people, so it’s a great deal you can’t pass up!

Best Masala Idli in Malleshwaram

We asked for a plate of Masala Idli, looking forward to trying it. And when it came, along with some fragrant coconut chutney, it lived up to its reputation! As soon as we took a bite, we noticed how soft the idlis were, showing off the chef’s talent. They were filled with tasty veggies that added a burst of flavor to each mouthful. The masala seasoning gave it a rich taste. We loved it, especially with the chutney.

Each bite was like a tasty orchestra. It blended tradition with creativity perfectly. We savoured the last of my meal. We couldn’t help but marvel at the cooking skill of Sri Mukhambika Sweets and Khara Corner.

Overall Experience at Sri Mukhambika Sweets and Khara Corner

If you want a genuine taste of Bangalore, Sri Mukhambika Sweets and Khara Corner is the place to be. Are you a fan of South Indian food? Or just looking for a memorable meal? This place will please your cravings and leave you wanting more.

Sri Mukhambika Sweets and Khara Corner contact information: 20, 4th Cross Rd, 1st Block, Malleshwara, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560003

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