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New Hilal Restaurant Butter Chicken review

Trying new foods is fun. It’s especially fun when you find cool places, like the New Hilal Restaurant, it’s in the middle of Shivaji Nagar. When we went inside, we smelled yummy spices and heard food cooking, which made us excited for a great meal. Opened in 1970, New Hilal Restaurant has been serving delicious food for a long time. They’re known for their tasty non-vegetarian dishes. They offer a mix of Chinese, Mughlai, North Indian, and Indian foods. That’s why people who love meaty dishes really like this place.

Our experience at New Hilal Restaurant

As soon as we got there, we could see why this restaurant is so popular with people who love non-vegetarian food. The lively atmosphere was filled with the happy voices of customers. It showed us that we were in for some tasty treats. As we looked at the menu, we couldn’t wait to start eating and enjoy the delicious food. Out of all the choices on the menu, some dishes were especially popular. The mutton biryani smelled amazing and was full of flavor, making it a must-try. Also, the mutton pepper dry and seekh kebab sounded delicious. The ghee rice also promised a tasty meal.

Butter Chicken

We opted for the Butter Chicken, a crowd favorite, and it didn’t disappoint! The chicken was very tender and juicy. The sauce was rich, creamy, and perfectly spiced. The portion size was large. It came with fluffy naan bread, perfect for soaking up the tasty sauce. The aroma alone was mouthwatering. The service was also excellent. Friendly staff made sure we had all we needed. Overall, it was a great meal. We recommend trying the Butter Chicken. It’s for anyone craving a tasty and filling meal.

Overall experience at New Hilal Restaurant

We enjoyed the delicious food. But, we couldn’t ignore that the restaurant felt cramped and we wished for better cleanliness. However, these small issues. But, they didn’t take away from the overall excellence of our experience. The New Hilal Restaurant is at 11, HKP Road, Swamy Shivanandapuram, Shivaji Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560051. It invites food lovers with promises of deliciousness and fulfillment. They only accept cash for payments. But, the food inside is definitely worth a visit.

In summary, our visit to New Hilal Restaurant was delightful. It was filled with delicious flavors. It left us wanting more. For anyone who wants real meat dishes, this lovely restaurant offers a tasty journey. It goes through various meaty delights. So, readers, treat yourself. Explore the delights at New Hilal Restaurant. It will delight your taste buds.

New Hilal Restaurant location

11, HKP Road, Swamy Shivanandapuram, Shivaji Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560051



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