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Krishna Cart vegetable dosa in Jayanagar review

Going on a food adventure in Jayanagar 2nd Block in Bengaluru? You’ve got to check out the Krishna Cart! It’s a small food stand loved by locals for its yummy South Indian dishes. You can find it near Madhavan Park on 9th Main Rd. It looks simple. Yet, it’s been serving delicious food for a long time. Especially in the evenings.

Our experience at Krishna Cart

When you walk into this busy food area, you smell delicious spices in the air. It makes you excited for a great meal. Among all the noise and cooking sounds, there’s one dish that everyone loves: the Vegetable Dosa. It’s famous and everyone wants to try it at Krishna Cart. People come from all over to taste it.

What makes this dosa special isn’t how crunchy and tasty it is, but also the amazing way it’s made. The owner says they mix an incredible 21 different vegetables together. This makes every bite healthy and delicious. Plus, the dosa looks cool with its pink colour. seeing it makes you excited to taste it!

Vegetables Dosa with a Blend of 21 Vegetables

The Vegetable Dosa at Krishna Cart isn’t only about looking good. It’s healthy and tasty too. With lots of good-for-you ingredients, it’s like a guilt-free treat. It’s a healthier option compared to other street foods. You can enjoy something delicious while still taking care of yourself.

When you eat this amazing dosa with some chutney, it’s like a party in your mouth! The tangy and spicy chutney goes with the sweet dosa. Every bite explodes with delicious flavors. It’s a taste sensation you won’t find anywhere else!

And guess what? Even though this dosa is delicious and famous, it’s super cheap! You can enjoy all that flavor for 50 rupees. It shows that at Krishna Cart, they believe everyone should be able to enjoy amazing food without breaking the bank. Guarantee satisfaction without costing a fortune!

Overall Experience At Krishna Kart

Whether you’re a big food fan or someone looking for tasty South Indian food, you’ve got to try Krishna Cart. It’s a must-visit spot where you can taste the real magic of South Indian flavours. Treat yourself to an amazing food journey and explore the lively food scene of Jayanagar. Take your time and enjoy every bite of the delicious dosa they serve. It’s an experience you won’t forget!

Krishna Cart contact information: 9th Main Rd, behind Madhavan Park, 2nd Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560011

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