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Ambur Star Briyani Since 1890 Chicken Biryani Rice review

We were exploring the busy streets of Bengaluru for good food. We found a great restaurant in JP Nagar called Ambur Star Briyani Since 1890. We heard they make tasty biryanis, so we decided to check it out. As soon as we walked in, we could smell the delicious spices in the air, making me excited for the food. The restaurant felt warm and inviting. It had a lively atmosphere that made us want to try everything on the menu. Even though it was busy, the place was clean and well-kept, which made us feel comfortable dining there.

Our experience at Ambur Star Briyani Since 1890

As we looked at the menu, we were happy to see many dishes. These included South Indian food, Chinese dishes, and North Indian favorites. They offer many popular snacks. These include Chicken Biryani Rice, Mutton Biryani Rice, Egg Biryani, and Chicken, Mutton, and Mutton Mini Bucket Biryani. But what caught our eye were their famous biryanis.

Chicken Biryani Rice

Choosing the famous Chicken Biryani Rice, we couldn’t wait for it to arrive. When it finally came, it looked and smelled amazing, tempting me to dig in and enjoy its delicious flavors. As we opened the biryani, a burst of fragrant steam hit us. It signaled an amazing meal. The rice looked beautiful. It shined with saffron and smelled of cardamom and cinnamon. The chicken was tender and tasty. It was soaked in spices, which made every bite delightful. You could tell that a lot of care went into making this dish. Every bite was filled with flavors that worked together. The caramelized onions added sweetness. The fresh cilantro and mint added a burst of freshness. It was clear that every ingredient was chosen to make the dish taste amazing. The Chicken Biryani Rice may not have looked fancy. But, it was more than a meal. It was a memorable journey. The service was flashy. it was quick and smooth. This made dining enjoyable.

Overall experience at Ambur Star Briyani Since 1890

In short, if you want an authentic biryani experience. It will meet your cravings and leave you wanting more. Ambur Star Briyani Since 1890 Restaurant is the place to go. Its long-standing reputation, delicious flavors, and welcoming atmosphere make it a must-visit for biryani lovers in Bengaluru. It might not be cheap. But, this hidden gem is very flavorful. It’s worth every rupee.

Ambur Star Briyani Since 1890 location

No.19, Ground Floor Shiva Plaza, 24th Main Road, Off, 15th Cross Rd, 5th Phase, J. P. Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560078



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