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Rasoi Restaurant Aloo Paratha review

Hidden in the busy streets of Banashankari is a special restaurant called Rasoi. It’s located at No. 86, Shakthi Arcade, 22nd Main Road, Siddanna Layout. Rasoi offers a mix of North Indian and Chinese food. When you walk in, you’ll smell delicious spices and feel like you’re at home.

Our experience at Rasoi Restaurant

When we went inside Rasoi Restaurant, we noticed it had a simple but cozy atmosphere. There were only four tables for guests, which made it feel like dining at home with friends. It was small but busy and full of energy. This showed how much people liked it. They were both locals and tourists. At Rasoi Restaurant, you’ll find a wide variety of delicious dishes on the menu. They have everything from traditional North Indian food to tasty Chinese dishes. But what really stands out are the vegetarian options. Whether you’re craving a big meal like a thali or want some mouthwatering starters, they have something to meet everyone’s taste buds.

Aloo Paratha

A popular dish at Rasoi Restaurant is the Aloo Paratha. It’s an Indian flatbread filled with spiced mashed potatoes. We started our food adventure with this classic dish, and it was amazing. As soon as it arrived, the delicious smell of spices made us excited. It made our meal unforgettable. We tried our first bite, and it was amazing. The crispy outside led to a soft, fluffy inside filled with tasty potato. Each bite was a perfect mix of flavors, just the right amount of spiciness. We enjoyed it with some cool yogurt and tangy pickle, and every bite left us wanting more.

Even though Rasoi Restaurant is small, it feels cozy and welcoming. The owner is often at the counter, making the experience more personal. You might have to serve yourself. But, the staff is friendly. They make sure everyone feels at home and taken care of. Parking for cars might be tricky. But, it’s worth it once you taste Rasoi Restaurant’s delicious food. Plus, the prices are very fair, so you get a great meal without breaking the bank. Rasoi Restaurant can get really busy. This is especially true on weekends and during busy times. You might have to wait for about 20-30 minutes to get a table. So, if you’re excited to try their food, it’s good to be patient.

Overall experience at Rasoi Restaurant

In short, Rasoi Restaurant is a great find in Banashankari. It offers a dining experience that’s both fun and memorable. Whether you adore North Indian food or just want a satisfying meal, this cozy place will leave you feeling content and satisfied. So, when you crave home-cooked flavors, remember Rasoi Restaurant. Each bite there feels like a trip to food paradise.

Rasoi Restaurant location

No. 86, Shakthi Arcade, 22nd Main Road, Siddanna Layout, Banashankari Stage II, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560070 


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