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O.G. Variar and Sons Bakery Cashew biscuits and Veg puffs review

Located in the middle of Rajajinagar, Bangalore, there’s a great place for people who love pastries and bread. It’s called O G Variar & Sons Bakery. When we walked in, it smelled good because they were baking fresh goodies. It felt like we were in for a tasty treat. Variar Bakery started back in 1970 and has become one of the top bakeries in Bangalore. They have two busy shops in Rajajinagar. This bakery is special for two reasons. It’s not how long it’s been around, but also how focused it is on keeping things clean and making top-notch products. In a city full of bakeries, Variar Bakery stands out for its cleanliness and high standards. At Variar Bakery, you can find many popular sweets. These include Plum Cake, Plain Cake, Sweet and Salt Biscuits, Dil Pasand, Coconut Biscuits, Fruit Cake, Toast, Cashew, Milk Biscuit, Wheat Bread, Wheat Rusk, and Japanese Cake.

Our experience at O.G. Variar and Sons, Variar Bakery location

As soon as we walked in, the staff welcomed us with big smiles, making the bakery feel even more welcoming. There were so many different kinds of bread, buns, rusks, biscuits, puffs, and cakes on display. It was clear that Variar Bakery takes pride in offering many tasty treats. Each one looked like it was made with a lot of care and detail. Out of all the delicious treats calling out to us, the biscuits were the stars.

Cashew biscuits and Veg puffs

We had to try a bunch of their famous ones – from the sweet and salty ones to the irresistible cashew biscuits. Every bite was like a party of flavors, making us want more. The fruit and nut biscuits were especially amazing, packed with wholesome goodness. It showed how the bakery uses only the best ingredients. Besides the biscuits, we had to try their famous veg puffs too. They were packed up nicely for us to take. A quick warm-up in the microwave made them perfectly flaky and delicious. They were such a great snack, not too heavy but really satisfying. It made us excited to try more of what Variar Bakery had in store.

Overall experience at O.G. Variar and Sons, Variar Bakery location

We said goodbye to Variar Bakery. We felt happy and satisfied. We couldn’t stop thinking about the amazing food we had just enjoyed. The cleanliness and the staff’s friendliness left a lasting impression on us. Most importantly, the delicious treats did too. We’ll definitely be back for more!

If you love sweets or fresh baked goods, you have to check out O.G. Variar and Sons. They are also known as Variar Bakery. Whether you want a delicious cake for a celebration or a tasty snack to meet your cravings, this famous bakery guarantees an amazing experience you won’t forget. If you happen to be walking around Rajajinagar, make sure to stop by Variar Bakery. Trust us, your taste buds will be grateful!

O.G. Variar and Sons, Variar Bakery location

68, 12th Main Road, 2nd Block Behind ESI Hospital, 231, 38th Cross Rd, opp. to Anjaneya Swamy Temple, 2nd Block, Rajajinagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560010.

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