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Sri Venkateshwara Sweet Meat Stall: Bangalore’s Finest Sweets Destination

Indulging in the sweet melody of history, we found ourselves at the heart of Bangalore – Balepete. There, we discovered a 100-year-old sweet shop, Sri Venkateshwara Sweet-Meat Stall. In this article, we uncover the secrets of their legendary Mysore Pak. It’s a delicacy that has won the hearts of Bengaluru’s sweet fans.

Our Experience at Sri Venkateshwara Sweet-Meat Stall: Bangalore’s Finest Sweets Destination

The founders established Sri Venkateshwara Sweet-Meat Stall in Chikkaballapur in 1954. Our family’s culinary journey began in this very town 30 years ago. We have cherished the legacy of sweet-making ever since. Today, two branches in Bengaluru preserve this treasured heritage. The original location is in Balepete, and a new addition is in Malleshwara.

Unveiling the Handcrafted Delight: Sri Venkateshwara Sweet-Meat Stall’s Mysore Pak

As we entered the kitchen, the delightful aroma of ghee surrounded us. We noticed the careful preparation of Mysore Pak. Nagaraj, the owner, detailed the traditional technique. It’s done by hand, not using machinery. They combine chickpea flour and sugar syrup. Then, they add ghee and stir for approximately twenty to 30 minutes.

Nagaraj highlighted how unique our recipe is. He stated that the personal touch is crucial. Every day, we make 10 to 15 plates of Mysore Pak, each weighing between 10 and 13 kg. The Mysore Pak at Sri Venkateshwara Sweet-Meat Stall shows the effort put into each outstanding bite.

We enjoyed eating the almost-finished Mysore Pak. The last touches of ghee and cardamom filled the kitchen with a delicious aroma. The excitement built as we prepared a dish of cooling sugar syrup. It would play a role in the delicious creation.

A Mouthwatering Experience: Savouring the Magic of Mysore Pak

Finally, our expectation came true when we got a platter of Mysore Pak, shining with ghee. It had a texture that melted in the corners of our mouths and an aroma that lingered. This was the finest Mysore Pak, and it was an unexpected delight for our taste buds.

Sri Venkateshwara Sweet-Meat Stall is a sweets lover’s delight. The location of our Bangalore store is on both the Malleshwara and Balepete corners. Apart from the famous Mysore Pak, our menu includes a range of other sweets, snacks, and chats. We also offer the divine Badam Milk.

The original Balepete branch offers a budget luxury. We sell Mysore Pak at 960 per kilogram with 20 pieces. We are open from 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. You can visit us at 181, Balepete Main Road, near Upparpet Police Station in Chickpet, Bangalore. 

Overall Experience At Sri Venkateshwara Sweet-Meat Stall: A Journey Through Time, Taste, and Tradition

Sri Venkateshwara Sweet-Meat Stall is more than a sweet shop. It’s a journey through the ages, taste, and tradition. Balepete’s oldest branch or the recent charm of Malleshwara might attract you. This gastronomic paradise invites you to experience the magic of Mysore Pak. The combination of flavors is delicious. It will linger long after you’ve finished eating. Come experience the richness of tradition at Sri Venkateshwara Sweet-Meat Stall! 

Sri Venkateshwara Sweet-Meat Stall Location: 181, Balepete Main Road, near to Upparpet Police Station, Balepete, Chickpet, Bengaluru, Karnataka 56005


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