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SSP Refreshments: Pulao and Ekkare Idli are winners

My Time at SSP Refreshments: How SSP Refreshments Won Me Over with Their Pulao and Ekkare Idli

SSP Refreshments sits in the middle of 12, 10th Cross Rd, JayaNagar 1st Block, Someshwara Nagar, Bengaluru. It’s a much-loved place for those who want to try real South Indian food. I visited this busy restaurant recently. It turned into a fun food adventure. I’m excited to share the great details I found during my visit.

When I stepped into SSP Eating House, I could hear lots of people talking. The place felt busy, telling me it’s a popular spot. The cozy feeling made me feel welcome and set the scene for a true South Indian food experience.

Delicious Choices on the Menu

Among the many tasty options, two dishes stood out: Pulao & Ekkare Idli. I ordered the “Trimurti” dish, which includes Pulao, Uppittu, and Ekkare Idli, because I wanted to try all three dishes together. These special dishes promised to be a tasty mix of flavors. The owner’s family made them , showing off their cooking skills.

A Tasty Adventure Begins

I started with the Ekkare Idli, which is famous for being soft. Each bite, especially with the garlic chutney, was a nice mix of textures and flavors that made me want more. The Uppittu was a pleasant surprise. It was spicy and garlicky, which was different from what I expected, but very tasty. The Pulao was spicy and had a few vegetables, but it had a rich and delicious flavor that left a lasting impression.

Warm Hospitality and Interesting History

During my food journey, I could feel the warmth and dedication of SSP Refreshments. The nice atmosphere and the fact that it’s been around for 28 years added to the experience. SSP Refreshments isn’t a restaurant; it’s a place full of South Indian food traditions.

Final Thoughts and Suggestions

SSP Refreshments opens at 6:30 a.m. on weekdays and serves until 12 on Sundays. It’s perfect for early birds and brunch lovers. This hidden gem in Jayanagar 1st Block offers real South Indian flavors for a reasonable price of 40₹. My visit wasn’t a meal. It was a fun experience. I definitely recommend that people try SSP Refreshments for themselves.

SSP Refreshments Location

12, 10th Cross Rd, Jaya Nagar 1st Block, Someshwara Nagar, Wilson Garden, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560011

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